Massive snowman towers over Streetsboro

STREETSBORO -- Northeast Ohio has had its share of lows this winter: The temperatures, salt supply, people's moods.

Despite all this, there is an increase to report -- the snowman population.

On Jan. 4, a legend was born. Frosty, the Streetsboro Snowman, towers at more than 10 feet tall.

Constructed in the front yard of her home, Betty Zanoskar is seeing the positive power of a snowman first hand.

"It's amazing how many people drive by and honk their horn! He puts everybody in a good mood!"

Her son Connor, is creator of the mammoth snowman.

"There were about 15 of us at one time or another," he explains.

The group used plywood to form the snow around the base of structure. A tractor helped pack the snow as Frosty took shape.

Does Connor see Frosty "leaving" anytime soon?

"I think he'll stay for a while. Because of the temperatures warming up and then freezing over the last 6 weeks, Frosty has become more ice than snow."

Who knew Frosty would be so popular?

"It was more of just an idea and it just kind of snowballed!" Connor admits.

You can say that again.


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