Local business has fun with 'dark' chocolate creations

There is a "sweet" new business on the east side of Cleveland that is Seeing The Possible as it embraces the fact that love is sometimes a scary thing!

The moment you meet the owner and creator of Fears Confections you will be put at ease.

"Believe me, There's nothing to be afraid of!" Cassandra Fear, yes, that's her real name, reassures me "I'm just a good person who wants to sweeten people's lives with a little bit of chocolate!" Make that a lot of chocolate!

She married her husband, Jason Fear, in 2009 and started making her chocolate creations in her kitchen. It was love at first bite! A year later she was selling them on line and 6 months ago she opened up her store on East 185th street on the east side.

With over 15 flavors of gourmet brownies, her signature hand dipped caramels toffee, as here slogan reads, "there are plenty of sweets to die for."

"I like to make everything from scratch. I like the fact that you can pretty much pronounce pretty much that goes into everything I make. I use fresh fruit, fresh ingredients, nothing comes out of a box or back – it's just pure unadulterated YUM!"

With a named like Fears Confection, there are a few things you won't find anywhere else. The chocolate coffin (sold year round) comes complete with a chocolate skeleton. She has a big demand for her homemade Dr Who chocolates. Cassandra offers a treat who may be on the other side of storybook romance.

"There are some broken hearts out there so that's my shattered love cupcake!"

The chocolate cupcakes are topped with white frosting, drizzled with edible sugar blood and edible broken sugar glass.

It gives "dark chocolate" a whole new meaning!

Fears Confections
818 East 185th Street
Cleveland, OH 44119
(216) 481-0888


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