Swensons fan gets burger delivery 450 miles away

RICHMOND, Va. -- State lines didn’t stop a Swensons fan from sinking his teeth into their signature sandwich.

“Swensons is by far my favorite burger joint,” Michael Anderson told WKYC.

Having grown up in Northeast Ohio, Anderson now lives nearly 450 miles away from the nearest Swensons location.

“I literally have been eating there all my life,” he continued.

So when Labor Day weekend arrived, Anderson’s friend from Jackson Township grilled up a plan to satisfy his bud’s tastes.

“Whenever they come back home they always get a Galley Boy,” friend Daniel Hoehne explained. “Thought it would be fun to get them a shirt and some Galley Boys.”

He did just that and visited Anderson's home in Richmond with a special delivery of six Galley Boy burgers.

"They were gone by the end of the weekend," Hoehne said.

It was the first time in more than six months that Anderson gobbled up his favorite food.

“The Galley Boy is the only burger I get when I go,” Anderson gushed. “Literally have been eating there all my life.”

Anderson was sporting a Galley Boy T-shirt when he grabbed a bite of the gooey burger. Hoehne shared a picture of the moment on social media, which captured the attention of Swensons.

“We like your style!” they posted on Facebook. “A true Swenatic!”

For Anderson, it’s more than just food. It’s family.

“We always go to the one on Cuyahoga Falls Avenue. When I pick up food there with my dad, he will always tell me stories about how that area used to look before the Route 8 bridge was there. … I’ve got two boys now, ages 5 and 3, and they were both born and live in Richmond -- and they both love the Galley Boy as well. Just trying to raise them right and pass on the love of Swensons that my dad taught me.”

Swensons, which is a drive-in style staple of Northeast Ohio, has been ranked among America’s best burger joints -- it’s even a favorite of Cavs’ MVP LeBron James. There are seven Swensons locations stretching from Seven Hills to Jackson Township.

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