Businesses strike gold on St. Patrick's Day

CLEVELAND -- Some businesses are finding a pot of gold on this St. Patrick's Day.

The National Retail Federation says St. Patrick's Day spending should grow slightly to $48 billion this year.

It's a sea of green from T-shirts to green horns, green hair and of course money.

"I got two orders for corned beef, swiss cheese and mustard," shouted a clerk at Jake's Deli downtown.

This is one of the busiest days of the year for Jake's.

The deli is filling up about a thousand brown bags with corned beef sandwiches.

"We are very busy. We are smashed, and we are going to get busier actually," said owner Eddie Taylor.

The same goes for street vendors like Karen Gawrych who plans to more than double her profits today.

"We are very busy today. Our business started at 8:30 a.m. As soon as I got out here, there were people waiting on hot dogs, believe it or not," said Gawrych.

The National Retail Federation estimates that each person will spend about $36 throughout the day.

That's up by about 50 cents from last year.

But between special event parking, parking tickets, drinks and food – these paradegoers expect to fork out much more than the national average.

"If one person is going, you're gonna spend at least $50. With these people here, you're looking at spending at least $150 and you better start taking donations a week ahead of time," laughed paradegoer Mike Ianiro.

"It's gonna be at $150 to $200 after parking. Parking is very expensive at this time," said paradegoer John Swindell.

But there's one area that won't be making much money.

Tower City closed its retail shops at 2 p.m. on Monday.

It's good news for one vendor with a hot seller on such a cold day.

"It's nice and cold out so people are loving these hats," said the vendor as he put the hat on his head.


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