10 best and worst buys before Black Friday

CLEVELAND, OH-- We've reached a particularly confusing time of the year. With Black Friday right around the corner, you can easily cut your costs by 40% on countless items if you play your cards correctly. It's also important to note not every purchase is cheaper on Black Friday. Below you'll find my list of the best and worst purchases before Black Friday.

Great purchases BEFORE Black Friday:

1. Holiday Treats and Gift Baskets: The top gift basket deals and treats for the holiday season drop early. Prices increase several days before Black Friday and as we get closer to Christmas when prices are at their highest.

2. Space Heaters and Furnace Installations: I've seen no evidence to support Black Friday brings any special discounts in this category. Prices actually increase as the temperature goes down, and demand is heightened. The further in to December we get, the more difficult it is to find a sale. The top space heater deals we'll see this season are expected tomorrow (Tuesday 11/5).

3. Luggage: While there are tremendous luggage sales on Black Friday (keep an eye on Ebags!), many viewers I've spoken with actually need their luggage for that Thanksgiving trip. Using a huge e-coupon this Wednesday (11/4), I expect some tremendous luggage deals to the tune of 80% off.

4. Winter Generators: Similar to the same logic by which retailers approach furnaces and space heaters, winter generator deals are scarce Black Friday as demand increases in three weeks. The biggest deal drop of the year on phenomenal generators is expected this Thursday (11/6).

5. Bluetooth Speaker Docks: I've had several distributors I trust tip me off about upcoming bluetooth speak dock deal drops that will surpass what see by Black Friday by 10%. I believe these deals will be on the smallest Bluetooth speaker docks and are the ones always under $80. Sale expected in the next 10 days. And as soon as I figure out where this deal can be found, I'll alert you on Ways to Save.

Worst Purchases Before Black Friday:

Under no circumstance would I buy any of the following items before Black Friday. That includes the "early Black Friday" deals the days before Black Friday itself. Patience will pay off by up to 40% if you wait. Do not buy....

1. Any kind of TV.
2. Appliances
3. Bedding / Towels
4. Anything made by Apple
5. Gaming, Movies and Multimedia

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