This could save you $600/year on groceries

CLEVELAND, OH -- The average family in our region throws away close to one third of their produce every week. It's an astounding but accurate statistic. If you're tired of throwing away rotten produce every week, I have the ultimate gadget to save you money.

In my continued quest to save you cash and find great deal, The Bluapple Fruit and Vegetable Saver could easily save you up to $600 a year. This tiny blue apple that goes into your produce drawer absorbs the ethylene gas that naturally occurs in your fridge, dramatically extending the life of your fruit and vegetables.

Does it really work? I've spent three months with the Bluapple and I kid you not, this $20 contraption works and it works extremely well. If you need more evidence, go read the reviews of this product on Amazon. I am not alone.

Bluapple is the most effective consumer product on the market to help prolong the life of your produce, prevent waste and extend freshness. Watch my test of Bluapple in action with the help of my favorite TV chef.

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We do not receive any financial compensation for featuring any product or store. The only purpose of this series is to save you money.

Below you'll find the best deal in the country for a one year supply of Bluapple. The deal easily pays for itself in a couple of weeks.

$10 Off Blueapple Fruit & Vegetable Saver 2 Pack + One Year Refill Kit + Free Shipping
Was: $29.99
Now: $19.99
**This is a one day only deal valid on July 25th.


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