A phone company offering unlimited data for $1 a year and a scam promising $2,300 a month for life

One for the Money: Phone company offering unlimited data for $1 a year

Here were Thursday's consumer headlines in Danielle Serino's "One for the Money": 

Tobacco Settlement Scam

Imagine finding out you can get $2,300 a month..tax free...for life...as part of that multi-billion dollar settlement with tobacco companies from the nineties? Oh..and you didn't even have to be a smoker. You'd sign up right? Too bad it's just a scam.

That settlement is real. But none of the money is available for consumers.

People are being told all they need to do is subscribe to a newsletter which offers investment advice. It costs anywhere from $5 a month to $129, and you have to pay with a credit card.

So what do you think happens once you give it to them? They keep billing you and you can't make it stop. File a complaint with the Attorney general's Office if you get an offer like this.


Online Eye Exams

Now this next offer shockingly is not a scam. Do you know you can get your eyes examined on your smartphone or computer? 

Ohio law says you have to have your eyes checked every year to get new lenses...every two for a new eyeglass prescription. That's inconvenient and expensive.

Enter...at home exams. They're similar to to the ones in your doctors office. You look at a bunch of letters and you tell them what you can see. Obviously that's the simplified version. But a doctor then analyzes the results and you get a prescription. The cost..just $10- $40.

Obviously traditional eye doctors don't like this, not only because it cuts into profits, but because these tests can't detect serious eye problems. Check out these options: 


Simple Contacts

1-800 Contacts


$1 Unlimited Cell Plan

The deal of the year though comes from Virgin Mobile oferring unlimited talk, text and data with Sprint...for one dollar a year...if you buy an iPhone from them.

The deal runs through July 31, and you have to sign up for autopay. After the year you get transferred to their $50 a month unlimited plan..which is still very cheap.

They're also selling iPhone SE's for $280 and refurbished phones with a one year warranty.

But it gets better. You'll also get a free round-trip companion flight to the U.K. and a free hotel night in a Virgin property.


And that's One For the Money!

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