"Sexting" spot

3:19 PM, May 28, 2009   |    comments
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Today (March 11th) I helped Mac and Monique set up for a spot on "sexting". Sexting (sending, receiving, saving or forwarding nude/partially nude pictures of minors via text message on a cell phone) is a rising problem with teens lately. We had Carmen Naso, a law professor at Case Western University, come in and discuss this very serious matter.  After Carmen left, we needed some shots of a "teen" texting- played by myself. I posed in different spots around the building and pretended to text for the camera. I'm pretty excited to be on TV- even if it is for a sexting spot!  When I came back, everyone in the Promotions Department surprised me by singing Happy Birthday and we all ate cupcakes. It was a pretty good day!


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