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Cleveland Browns fans bark vows at tailgate party

7:14 AM, Dec 11, 2009   |    comments
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The perfect veil, though, required some orange dog bones and glue.

"This morning, I put on three layers of clothes and that was that," said Parco. "I always dreamed of getting married in blue jeans."

When Parco and Scott Radwancky, of Ashtabula, circled the date for their wedding, they settled on December 10, the day the Browns play the Pittsburgh Steelers in Cleveland. 

And the couple, both Browns fans, decided to hold their wedding and reception in the Cleveland Municipal parking lot with other football tailgaters.

"I'm not going to forget my anniversary," said Radwancky.

Radwancky admits there are benefits to having a muni-lot marriage: no tuxedos and the food for the reception is taken care of.

"We have ribs, pork chops, sausage and peppers," said Radwancky.

The couple said the only thing that could make their wedding day better is a Browns victory.



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