Kent: Hockey team encourages women to get involved in sport

11:11 AM, May 3, 2013   |    comments
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KENT -- Every Monday night, a group of top hockey players take the ice for an intense session of practice.

It's a recreation league team but, for these players, it's so much more.

"It's the higlight of my life," says the team's captain, Abby Greer. "It's my passion."

A passion shared by all of the Kent Twisters, a team made up entirely of women.

"What we have to me is the best adult women's recreational team in Ohio," Abby says.

As an original member of the Twisters, Abby has seen the team grow in both numbers and ability.

"This team has been a work in progress for 10 years," she says. "We have a range in age...from my age, 40-something, down to 21."

One of the younger players on the team is Emily Richmond, who played elite girls hockey for the Ohio Flames. The Twisters give her a chance to continue playing hockey at a high level.

"It's my lifeblood," Emily says. "It always makes me happy. It gives me something to look forward to."

For others on the team, like Abby, the team allows her to fulfill childhood dreams, dreams once thought only for boys.

"This team embodies everything I didn't have when I was in junior high and high school. To play now, I'm just reliving what I didn't get then," she says. "This is an amazing group of women. I'm so proud of them. I'm actually proud of any woman who puts skates on and comes out and plays this sport."

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