Millbury: Donations help Lake H.S. golf team get back on course

11:07 AM, Aug 15, 2010   |    comments
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"I didn't know if we should go through with it," said Terry Tansel, the head golf coach and a teacher at Lake High School.

With the support of the school's administration, Tansel held the team workout and, to his amazement, 16 players showed up, including two players, Casey Blank and Michael Kranz, who had just lost their homes in the tornado.

"They didn't have clubs. They didn't have golf shoes," Tansel said.

After practice that day, Tansel got on the phone and called a national PGA phone number, hoping they could help outfit his players with equipment for the season.

Tansel was put in touch with Dominic Antenucci, the executive director of Northern Ohio PGA, who secured donations of new clubs, bags, shoes and apparel from several major golf companies, including Titleist and Nike.

"We can't thank them enough," said Tansel. "They're giving our kids opportunities they're going to remember the rest of their life."

And hitting the golf course this summer has also helped members of the golf team cope with the tragedy around them.

"It's an escape at this point," Lake High School golfer Casey Witt said. "You don't think about all the tragedy or devastation. You just think, 'Hey, I'm with my buddies,' and it gets you away from things."



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