Midwest storm pressure equivalent of Category 3 hurricane

6:38 PM, Oct 26, 2010   |    comments
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On Tuesday, the pressure was estimated to have fallen in the center for the storm over the upper midwest to nearly 28.22 inches of mercury. (A new record for a non-tropical storm in the U.S.)

The lowest pressure ever recorded before this was in Cleveland was during the blizzard of 1978 on January 26th with 28.28 inches.

This is no ordinary storm howling across the Midwest. After knocking out power to more than 145,000 homes and businesses in Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and the St. Louis area, the storm is now headed to the East Coast.

Severe thunderstorm warnings blanket much of the Midwest, and tornado watches are out from Arkansas to Ohio. Eleven states are under high wind warnings.

Much of North Dakota is under a blizzard warning. Flights have been disrupted in several airports. It's a fast storm, moving at 50 to 60 mph. And one meteorologist says a squall line moving ahead of it can cause more tornado warnings.

The Associated Press

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