Boot Scootin' Saloon temporarily shut down

4:35 AM, Feb 13, 2004   |    comments
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  • "We need a temporary restraining order to insure that none of our children this weekend get hurt out there," said Cuyahoga Falls Deputy Law Director Hope C. Jones. The Boot Scootin' Saloon has had its share of trouble recently. "Underage possession, underage consumption, fights, assaults," said Jones. "We have a rape." In court, club owner Brian Martin saw a list of incident reports over the last two years. "I do not deny there's some underage drinking on the property," said Martin. "And we deal with the problem." Martin told prosecutors he doesn't know how some of the underage kids, including one overly intoxicated girl, are getting alcohol. "Maybe she pounded a few drinks out in the car and then came in the club," said Martin. "I have no idea. I know our employees did not serve them, if that's what you're getting at." The club's attorneys say they'll continue to deal with it by doing whatever the city wants in terms of security. "You want sheriff's, too. We'll pay the overtime," said Hunt. "We'll do anything that they want to properly and legitimately run a legal business." The owners say they have a huge investment in running the club this weekend, but the city argues the cost to the community might be greater if it opens. "I got a right to have a cop down the street that's gonna respond when I need him. I don't need him at the Boot Scootin' Saloon because they have encouraged their patrons to act in such a way that Cuyahoga Falls police department has to be there all the time," said Jones. The owners of the Boot Scootin' Saloon say the city isn't as concerned with the violence, the noise or litter in the surrounding area as it is with the make-up of teen night. "I firmly believe it's racially motivated with some people in the city of Cuyahoga Falls because of the type of music we play," said Roger Martin of the Boot Scootin' Saloon. The teen nights play hip-hop, bringing in a more urban crowd. But the city says its only motive is to protect the citizens of Cuyahoga Falls. Last holiday weekend, police made 19 arrests at Sunday's teen night. The city will now try to close the bar for a year through the state's nuisance law. Judge Patricia Cosgrove will hold an injunction hearing in two weeks.


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