Total lunar eclipse may be a 'no-show' for northern Ohio

8:18 AM, Dec 21, 2010   |    comments
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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration will be up all night watching the skies and streaming this orbital phenomenon live.

Of course, tonight's lunar eclipse is even more noteworthy because it is the first time in 372 years that the lunar eclipse is occurring on the same day as the winter solstice (official start of winter).

The next time a lunar eclipse will match up with the winter solstice will be in 2094.

NASA's web site will also be hosting a live chat, with scientists answering questions from lunar lovers from around the world starting at midnight and continuing through 5 a.m.  You can get to that NASA web page by clicking the link:

NASA Lunar Eclipse Live

USA Today Lunar Eclipse Viewers Guide

Of course, if you can't stay up that late or don't want to get up extra early, you can watch Channel 3 News or check back here on on Tuesday for a video re-cap.


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