Lottery winner sues store owner for more money. And wins.

10:35 AM, Mar 26, 2004   |    comments
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A jury decided that store owner Harjinder Singh should have to pay $1.3 million to John Struna. Singh says he plans to appeal the jury's decision, saying it's not his fault Struna didn't read the fine print on the winning tickets. For three years, Struna would buy 40 to 50 Buckeye 5 tickets from the Convenient Food Mart in Euclid. "I did it as an investment," he said. On October 24, 2001, his investment paid off. All 52 tickets he had bought that day matched the five winning numbers in the drawing. Struna thought each ticket was worth $100,000, which would make him $5.2 million richer. But when he called the next day to speak with Singh, he found out the bad news. "Harry came back and said, laughed at me and said there's a cap on there," said Struna. "Harry goes, 'Yes, there's a cap and you're only gonna get a million dollars.'" Struna says he was never told there was a cap and was advised by Singh to buy as many tickets as possible to increase his chances. But Singh says he did mention the cap. "We are honest people," said Singh. "We just give to him tickets and now he's looking for more money." Struna sued Singh and a jury sided with him on Wednesday. Singh's attorney, Gary Seewald, says Singh never misrepresented the rule and that it's printed on each ticket. Struna feels justice has been served, despite Singh's plan to appeal the case.


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