Canton: Shelter closed after assisting flood victims

8:24 PM, Feb 28, 2011   |    comments
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CANTON -- That shelter has now been closed, according to the Red Cross about noon Tuesday.

The city is responding to significant but still manageable flooding throughout the city as a result of last night's thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, and quick snow melt off.

Isolated flooding and sewer backups in homes have been reported throughout the city of Canton.

The Red Cross had opened a Stark County shelter at Peace Evangelical Church, 3828 Cleveland Avenue S, in North Industry.

The shelter was closed around noon Tuesday.

The more substantial and widespread, but anticipated flooding has occurred on the city's southeast side, the northeast side, and throughout some of Canton's parks.

Residents are advised to stay clear of floodwaters and report sewage back up and flooding to the Office of Public Service.

In an emergency situation, residents should dial 911. Aultman Hospital and Mercy Medical Center have generously donated food and supplies to the Stark Social Workers Network located at 1221 Harrisburg Avenue NE to provide meals for those affected by the flood conditions.

Meal service will begin at 5 p.m. at this location.  It is unknown whether the city has reached the high water mark at this point.

Conditions in the city's southeast side at approximately 2 p.m. are:

  • Allenford Drive is closed.  Railroad tracks in the area of Allenford Drive have been compromised by high water. A sewer lift station in the area is under water but still functioning. Residents should avoid this area.
  • City crews are aware of significant flooding at Mill Street SW, which has been closed to traffic.
  • Significant flooding has been observed in the area of Thurman Munson Stadium, which is very near the intersection of two of the city's main sewer interceptors, which combine near Mill Street. Residents should avoid this area.
  • Portions of Sherrick Road are closed due to flooding.  Residents should avoid the area.

Conditions in the city's northeast side at approximately 2:30 p.m.

  • Portions of Mahoning Road are closed near 12th Street NE and residents should avoid this area due to high water.
  • Belden Avenue and Ira Turpin Way near Republic Storage have been closed due to flooding. Residents should avoid the area.
  • City Parks:The Monument and Stadium Park access roads have been closed. Residents can anticipate flooding in these parks and should stay clear of the area. Cook Park is completely flooded and should be avoided.

Isolated incidents: The Office of Public Service has confirmed 46 basement flooding or sewer back up events throughout the city of Canton. Some residents have been evacuated near the city's northeast and southeast sides.

As of 2:30 p.m., only several homes had been evacuated, primarily in Canton Township.

Impact on City Facilities:

The J.R. Coleman Community Center (Southeast Community Center) has been evacuated and is closed to the public due to high floodwaters.

The parking lot at the center is entirely flooded and should be avoided. The entire area surrounding the back of the center is flooded and as of approximately 12:30 p.m. this afternoon, floodwaters were approximately 2 feet from the back door of the center. City crews are on the scene and are attempting to keep water out of the building.

The area surrounding Thurman Munson Stadium is flooded. Residents should avoid the area.

The city of Canton's Water Reclamation Facility is experiencing peak flows in excess of 110,000,000 gallons per day. At approximately noon today, the water reclamation facility essentially reached its capacity due to storm water infiltration.  Some bypass of sewage at various emergency discharge points can be expected.

These areas, primarily along the Nimishillen Creek, should be avoided. 

Residents should avoid floodwaters wherever they may be. Floodwaters pose a health hazard to residents because such waters may contain raw sewage and/or agricultural and industrial runoff.

Residents should also avoid driving through standing water on roadways. As little as 6 inches of water can reach the vehicle's undercarriage, and some vehicles can easily be disabled in less than a foot of water.

Residents must also pay heed to markers and barricades that have been placed by city crews to mark flood areas in the roadway. If floodwaters rise around a vehicle, the vehicle should be abandoned and the occupant should move to higher ground if this can be done safely.

The city of Canton has organized special response teams within the Office of Public Service to respond to basement flooding complaints. Sewer backups and other isolated flooding should be reported to the Collection Systems Department at 330-489-3031.

Other non-emergency reports and inquiries may be made to the Office of the Director of Public Service at 330- 438- 4310. 


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