Cleveland: West Side Market in spotlight

7:52 PM, Mar 21, 2011   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Cleveland's West Side Market will host an international event examining public markets next year.

The Project for Public Spaces, a New York-City based non-profit will announce today that it's chosen Cleveland to host several days of discussions, tours and events.

The conference will happen as the West Side Market celebrates in 100th birthday.

Cleveland bested Seattle, Charleston , South Carolina, Toronto and London for the event.

Produce vendor Tom Boutros is enthused about the event.

"I'm honored. It means a lot and shows we are keeping the tradition alive," he said.

Loyal market customer Sheree Ferrato thinks this will be beneficial.

"This kind of experience and event will keep this market alive . And that's what we want to see happen," she said.

The event will also coincide with Mayor Frank Jackson's annual Sustainablity Summit.  This year it focuses on the city's growing movement to produce more food.

"it's a perfect fit for the conference to be here," Jackson said.

Councilman Joe Cimperman said," There is no other city that defines what it means to have hospitatlity and to be true to culture. ..In 2012 we are going to save to everybody, welcome to our table."

The event will bring about 300 visitors and specialized media attention on cities and urban farming.

Positively Cleveland's David Gilbert said," This is about something exciting and relevant to us.  Your presence here will help  us."

Stephen Davies of the group sponsoring the event said Cleveland had the best application from 20 potential host cities.


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