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Claims of police brutality in Parma arrest

7:17 PM, Apr 19, 2004   |    comments
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When the Parma Police officers chased one of the suspects to his home Sunday, they didn't need directions. It seems the police have had lots of calls to that house. The McGrath brothers are infamous in Parma. When police made a move against them, they didn't go alone and they didn't use kid gloves. When Shawn McGrath walked outside to show police a license plate, the officers had no doubt about what they had to do. They had already chased his brother, Michael into the driveway. He was wanted by the police in Cleveland. Officials describe the pair as career criminals. "Yeah there's been police there before," said neighbor Mike Mikulasik. Michael McGrath has been arrested 19 times on charges from aggravated robbery to grand theft. Shawn McGrath has been arrested 24 times. His list of offences includes robbery, kidnapping, and felonious assault. The video seems to show Shawn McGrath trying to surrender. But officer say that's not what happened once police got inside. "He resisted arrest and started fighting, and they ended up taking him to the ground, I mean this guy again is a large male, he is a career criminal," said Capt. Bob DeSimone of the Parma Police. Meanwhile, brother Michael was down the basement calling Parma Police, pretending he was calling from Willoughby. "[He] identifies himself as Michael McGrath, and he says I heard the police are at my house, just want to let you know I'm not there and I wasn't driving that car they were pursuing," said Capt. Desimone. Neighbors say that they believe the police when it comes to explaining the blood on the carpet inside the McGrath house. "And then they showed, your station, showed the blood on the carpet, I'm just going to say that's when they pinned him on the floor after he got hit by the door," said neighbor Ed Doerk. "We've had fights with him before. Our officers are going to go in there and be very nice and everything else, no, they are going to be very cautious, and they are going to take him down and handcuff him. If he's resisting arrest and fighting with our officer, he's going to go to jail," said Capt. Desimone.


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