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Elyria: 71-year-old Walmart greeter attacked

3:59 PM, Mar 28, 2011   |    comments
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Toni Duncan, 49, and her pregnant daughter, Ashley Jackson, 21, face charges including assault, inducing panic, and aggravated menacing.

Police say they triggered an ugly incident early Saturday afternoon.

The pair had come to the Elyria Walmart to add money to a gift card and obtain a money order. When they found no one able to help them at the customer service counter, they headed for the door.

That's when Alger Burchell, 71, asked to see a receipt for their purchases.

Police say Duncan and Jackson began to hurl racial slurs at him, pushed a shopping cart into him, and then choking him. The clerk at the customer service counter was also threatened.

Other Walmart employees tried to intervene when police say Jackson threatened to blow up the store, while the obscenities, threats, and racial slurs continued.

Burchell was resting at home Monday. He told police his injuries, which included red marks on his neck, were not serious.

Duncan and Jackson were released because Jackson is pregnant, and because she had two children in her car in the Walmart parking lot.

Both are due to face the charges in court on Wednesday.


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