How hackers get your bank account information

9:47 PM, Jun 8, 2011   |    comments
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Thousands of dollars were skimmed out of people's bank accounts last month.

The rash of bank account thefts in Northeast Ohio left many people feeling helpless - and wondering what went wrong.

Most people don't know where their information goes or who has access to it.

That's why people are blind-sided when they become victims of fraud.

"A lot of times, it comes from breaches from the credit card processors themselves," says Tom Eston with SecureState.

Eston says typically the breaches like we've seen in Northeast Ohio last month are not the consumers' fault at all.

Instead, hackers are playing a cat and mouse game with credit processors. Once they obtain debit card numbers, they start racking up the charges.

"What they usually do is they replicate your card number onto a fake card, basically a piece of plastic."

Hackers will buy gift cards and sell them on eBay or other trade sites. Then, the bank account information becomes their commodity.

"So they will take the credit card numbers where ever they got them from and they usually sell them on the black market," Eston said. 

The fewer places you use your debit card, the fewer people will have access to your information.

The Federal Trade Commission says credit cards are better in protecting your money, because your maximum liability for any fraudulent charges made is 50 dollars.


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