Memorial dedicated for twins killed in car crash

6:01 PM, Jun 4, 2004   |    comments
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Within hours of the crash that killed the twins, a memorial popped up at the crash site on Manchester Road. But rather than focus on how the girls died, their school wanted to honor the twins with a living memorial. With emotions still very raw, the closest friends of the girls stood before their classmates at Coventry Junior High School talking about the friends they knew and the loss they feel. "Remembering those joyful happy times will always bring you back alive in my mind," Karen Powell said. The school wanted to give the students a chance to grieve as a class for the 15-year-old twins killed in a car crash just a few short weeks ago. "The wind is cold as I lay the roses upon their grave," Kristina Lowther said. "I kneel and cry I wish they could have been saved. But on this rock a message is written in stone so they will be remembered and not just known." To that end, the school planted two flowering crab apple trees in the girls' memory, trees that will now forever grow together at the entrance to the school. "We felt a tree is an everlasting thing and therefore having that opportunity to pass by it the memory of those two individuals that we have lost would be there with us," Principal John Conant said. On hand for the dedication were the twins' grandmother and their older sister. At the family's request a special poem was read, one that told of the girls' closeness in life and death. The students did not have a lot of time to put this together but they held fundraisers over the last two weeks to pay for the trees and two plaques that will be placed at their base.


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