$43 laundry detergent that lasts all year

10:47 AM, Jul 18, 2011   |    comments
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I'm as cheap as they come and often skeptical of products claiming to be natural that sometimes carry higher price tags or sub-par performance, but I can happily pass a big recommendation along as part of this morning's Ways 2 Save, thanks to an innovative new force in the e-shopping world called Ethical Ocean.

Forgetting environmental benefits for a second (and before you roll your eyes at today's Ways 2 Save entry), please stay with me a for a second.

A typical 50-ounce bottle of Tide with a touch Downy is between $10 and $14, which gives you 26 loads.

Now imagine spending $43, but getting 350 loads.

Although I was very, very skeptical when I tried this product -- even getting into a fight with a friend over it -- this $43 bag of detergent (including shipping) actually left my clothes softer, just as clean and smelling better.

I've even heard testimonials from moms with teenage boys with those who use these Earth Berries finding big success on sports-related stains.

CLICK HERE and you'll find a $43 product that could actually change how you do laundry from now on -- all year.

The $30.56, plus $12.22 shipping is also an eco-friendly organic product. I know -- I hate the shipping fee too, but it's a big bag and travels a good distance to get to you, which is why I worked the shipping into my headline.

While being eco-friendly might not matter much to you, one bag replaces 9 32-load plastic bottles of detergent. Not bad.

This idea was passed along to me by a fan of a website called Ethical Ocean which is putting a conscience into e-commerce.

Many cool gift and sustainable ideas flood the website. Shipping fees vary based on the origins of the products, which are all carefully screened to adhere to very specific standards.  Through a unique grading system, you can shop by your standards.

Customer service is excellent (there's even a toll-free number to call). The site is beautifully-designed.

This is the first ethical site I've ever featured in all the years I've been doing Ways 2 Save, but I did find some items that fit my price points:

• These awesome USB rechargeable AA batteries which while they cost a little more than batteries you'd find at target or Walmart last 500 cycles while most batteries in this price class only give you 10 charges.

• Not even taking the ethical benefits into account, a Vapur Water Bottle Duo won some big points around the newsroom for their practicality, size and pocket/purse flexibility.

So there you have it. 

As an unrelated heads up, for the many, many wonderful viewers who keep me employed and have sent requests for laptop deals, I'm expecting some big things this coming Thursday...

If there's a deal you want me to research or a question you have, I'd love to hear from you. Send an email to mattgranite@wkyc.com.

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