Cleveland: Hurricane Irene impacting flights, gas prices here

8:05 PM, Aug 26, 2011   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Hurricane Irene will impact Greater Cleveland in ways that have nothing to do with weather.

Flights out of Hopkins International Airport followed normal schedules Friday during the day.

A few outbound flights were cancelled to Virginia and the Carolinas.

But with New York City shutting its airports and Boston, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. possibly in the Hurricane's path, many more weekend cancellations are expected.

And Cleveland Hopkins may become a safe haven for planes.

Hopkins spokeswoman Jackie Mayo said, "They'll definitely start dispersing planes and move them to hubs out of harm's way. We may get international diversions if Newark and Washington are closed."

On Friday, many travelers were hustling to get home, even back to the East Coast.

Rita Domas is from Boston. She said,"Everybody's pretty nervous about the impact. I'm leaving Cleveland to get back before I can't get a flight."

David and Marilyn Elk are flying to London by way of New York City.

David said, "We have a flight out in the morning and we're concerned about whether we're going to make it. We have our fingers crossed."

Irene is already impacting ground transportation here, specifically the price of gas.

East Coast refineries are shutting down shrinking supply. Some stations now selling it for $3.80 a gallon.

Northeast Ohioans are already on the ground in the Hurricane Zone ready to help.

Two Red Cross volunteers left Wooster with an emergency response vehicle Thursday. The arrived in Richmond, Virginia Friday.

They will serve meals out of their truck after the hurricane strikes.

Spokeswoman Susan Elder said, "There could be additional volunteers being deployed, depending on the nature and scope of Hurricane Irene."


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