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'Don't text and drive' apps that can save your life

6:18 PM, Sep 14, 2011   |    comments
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We've done plenty of stories on the dangers of texting and driving but still 34 percent of teens admit they still do it.

But there are ways to keep yourself and your kids from getting the urge to answer a message behind the wheel.

Here are three apps that could save your life.

The TeenSafer Software by ZoomSafer is activated by an adult through This allows parents to create an account and keep tabs on their kids driving by receiving alerts.

TeenSafer automatically activates when the teen's registered phone connects to a Bluetooth system or accessory inside the car. The app detects that your teen's driving, locks the keypad and screen, silences text and e-mail alerts and sends an auto reply e-mail and text message.

You can try this software for free for 7 days, and $2.99 a month after that.

Another great safety app is PhoneGuard, which is free. It works for iPhones and Blackberries as well. iPhoneGuard asks you to enter your cell phone number and create a pin. After that, PhoneGuard was activated.

When the car hits over 10 miles an hour, an alert pops up on the phone saying "Don't Text and Drive" Join Justin Bieber in the fight against...."

Celebrities like Justin Beiber are spreading the don't text and drive message.

AT&T is getting that message out too, with the newly launched AT&T DriveMode app.

It's only currently available to Blackberry users, but should be compatible with all other devices in the coming months. This app sends an away message, much like the auto response on e-mail, to anyone trying to text or email the driver.

Unlike the two other automatic apps, this app needs to be activated before the driver steps on the gas.


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