Cleveland: Winter is supposed to be 'brutal'

11:44 AM, Oct 7, 2011   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- A major forecasting service is using words like "brutal" and the "worst of winter" to describe what's coming to Northeast Ohio, starting in December.

AccuWeather has come out with its 2011-2012 "Winter Highlights" map and forecast, and Northeast Ohio is smack in the middle of an area called the "Worst of Winter."

"Oh, no, time to head to Florida," said Marica Nunez, who stopped in to the outdoor patio of Great Lakes Brewery in the Market Square area Thursday afternoon.

The restaurant had just re-opened the patio because of the unseasonably beautiful weather which recently returned to Northeast Ohio.

"Brutal winter, snow and cold, heavy lake effect snow," Nunez gasped, reading the highlights of the AccuWeather map. "That's going to be problematic, isn't it?"

With Greater Clevelanders out enjoying the beautiful day, the harsh prediction came as a shock. Fishermen Jim Cyrulik and Bill Kubena, of Brunswick, were frustrated enough, having caught only one perch during their entire trip out on Lake Erie.

"When's this going to start?" Cyrulik wondered, "because I'm going to Aruba at the end of November. Maybe I'll miss some of it."

AccuWeather forecasters predict that Chicago will get it worse than Cleveland. In fact, one of them commented that Chicagoans will wish they had moved out of their city by the time the winter is over.

"I'm not going to be there. I'll be in Florida," said Chicago resident Tom Nolan, as he sipped a beer on the deck of The Harp. Nolan, who was visiting family in Cleveland, and was leaving later today, offered encouragement to those who would have to tough it out.

"Good luck to all those people."


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