Photos: Northern lights visible over northern Ohio

9:33 PM, Oct 24, 2011   |    comments
  • Beautiful greenish hue to the Northern Lights near Observatory Park in Montville. Photo by Larrie Malobenski.
  • The Aurora as seen from Olmsted Township Monday Night. Photo courtesy: Brad Hartig
  • Aurora as seen in Washington Court House. Submitted by: Richard Miller
  • Red & green lights north of Norwalk, OH. Courtesy: Sharlene Slone
  • More Northern Lights in Euclid. Photo by Bill Scott.
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CLEVELAND -- A coronal mass ejection, or solar flare, from the surface of the sun is giving northern Ohio a chance to see the "northern lights" Monday evening.

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The stream of particles hit earth around 2 p.m. this afternoon and is creating beautiful colors in the sky this evening.

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Several reports of the aurora have been received by Channel 3 viewers as a reddish cloud in the northern and western sky.

Clear skies and light winds will continue to offer ideal viewing conditions overnight.



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