Canton: Officer Dan Harless fired

11:44 PM, Jan 11, 2012   |    comments
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CANTON -- The city released the results of the disciplinary hearing for former Officer Daniel Harless.

Gun rights advocates, "Ohioians for Concealed Carry," posted three police dash cam videos of Harless's behavior that went viral.

One recording from last June shows Harless threatening William Bartlett. He charged the suspect with carrying a concealed weapon even though Bartlett several times tried to show the officer his conceal carry license.

"It was an illustration of the horrible miscarriage of justice that took place the driver was charged for something he didn't do," says advocate Phil Mulivor.

A disciplinary hearing found Harless in violation of all eight departmental rule violations.

It was determined Harless demonstrated a behavior pattern that included verbal abuse, threats of death and threats of great bodily harm to citizens.

Harless' says he haas  post traumatic stress disorder from an eight-year-old resisting arrest incident.

"If he has post traumatic stress we feel very bad for him but worse for the citizens of the area that have had to live in fear of this guy," Mulivor said.

Harless plans an appeal.

Canton's Director of Public Safety, who presided over the hearing, agreed with the post traumatic stress diagnosis.

It was also noted that Harless did not seek treatment for PTSD while on duty and only after these incidents came to light was the condition even considered.


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