Punch up cheap beer with local invention "Hops Drops"

11:09 PM, Feb 5, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- The cheapest beer on the shelf: If it lacks that flavor or the punch you're looking for, a local entrepreneur says she invented the fix for it.

"If you're drinking the cheap beer, why not make it a little tastier?" says Mickie Reinhart of Lakewood.

It's a simple concept born out of necessity for Reinhart who was laid off about a year ago. Her budget was getting thin and the beer in her fridge -- a little watery.

"What I would do is take packets of Chrystal Light and pour it in the Bud Light to make a Summer Shandy in the winter."

The chemistry didn't quite work, so Reinhart went to work creating flavoring drops that would make her bottom shelf beer a little better. She called them "Hops Drops" and entered local entrepreneurial contests.

'I was finalists in all those, so that told me I was onto something."

And though the 7 flavors are not meant for a high end micro brew style beer, we had some experts test it out to see if they could taste a difference: Andy Tveekrem, "brewmaster" at Market Garden Brewery, and Patrick Daniels, beer program director.

They guessed every flavor correctly but did it make a difference from the original can?

"There's definitely a flavor difference, especially with the chocolate, the coffee and the blueberry," says Andy.

The question is: Will these drops make a splash in the beer market?


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