Better night's sleep? Do you have the right pillow?

9:46 AM, Feb 11, 2012   |    comments
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Here's the lowdown on goose-down and every other type of pillow.

You toss, you turn, you wake up with aches and pains. Could it be that you are sleeping on the wrong pillow? We found out the lowdown on goose-down and every other type of pillow.

A bad pillow is more than just a pain in the neck. Dr. Santhosh Thomas, with the Cleveland Clinic, says years of a bad pillow can cause permanent damage to nerves and deep tissue around the neck.

"If you particularly kink it in that position, you can see how things can pinch," he shows, on a model of the spine.

Nerves get pinched for long periods of time when the neck is strained in a certain position.

"You might not realize that you've been doing this for years and now it's triggering some new issues for you."

First things first -- know what's in your pillow.  Polyester fill is ok, but for a longer-lasting firmness, look for a spongy memory foam-style pillow or an all-natural goose down. Those will last a lot longer.

Next, pick a pillow according to sleep position. If you sleep on your back, you need a fluffier pillow that lifts your head and chin. If you're a side sleeper, you'll need more support around your neck so it's in line with your spine.

Finally, don't assume a hefty price tag means better quality. Look for a higher thread count somewhere between 500 - 800.


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