Green: School enforces no yoga pants rule

12:55 AM, Feb 14, 2012   |    comments
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GREEN -- The Green Local School District is cracking down on a rule that prohibits tight clothing on campus.

High school administrators informed students Friday that they would no longer be allowed to wear leggings and yoga pants to school.

Principal Cindy Brown says, the school has a long-standing ban on tight clothing, but that recent trends have caused students to push the limits on what is appropriate.

For many students, especially teenage girls, yoga pants are a regular part of their wardrobe.

"I wear them two days out of the week. Every girl wears yoga pants to school, because it's comfortable," says senior Rachel Hill.

Hill and her friend Kirsten Holt say while yoga pants are popular, most girls don't wear them to be provocative.

"I think yoga pants look a little more together than sweat pants," Hill said.

Sweat pants are allowed, as are "jeggings"- leggings with blue jean stitching.

Extracurricular groups that require uniforms - like dance teams - are allowed to wear fitted pants as a part of their uniform.

School administrators call the pants "too distracting."

The students think there are more revealing clothing items that administrators should ban first.

"Some girls wear stilettos and skirts that hit [mid thigh]. Their whole legs are showing. So you tell me, which is  more distracting, that or yoga pants?" Holt said.

Holt started a Facebook group for students who disagree with the new rule.

On Monday, about a dozen students, including some boys, wore yoga pants or leggings to class in protest. Some were issued after-school detentions for breaking the rules.

Green isn't the first school district to enforce the rule.  The issue has come up in districts around the country.

"There are so many other things they could be focusing on rather than yoga pants. It's such a minuscule problem," Holt said.


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