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Justin Bieber sends Trinity Petit a birthday message!

1:13 AM, Feb 18, 2012   |    comments
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Daniel Roland, AFP/Getty Images

After weeks of Tweeting, Facebooking and online messages, Justin Bieber came through and sent a special birthday wish to a very special girl.

Trinity Petit celebrated her 9th birthday on Super Bowl Sunday. 

It was a wonderful but emotional day.

Trinity was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer three weeks earlier.  Her tumor, called a DIPG, can not be removed.

As her family struggled with the tragedy, her Akron community rallied together and threw her an unforgettable party.

If Trinity could not have Justin Bieber, her favorite singer, attend her party, she hoped he'd send her a birthday video message.

With help from Channel 3, family, friends, and strangers went online and began reaching out to the famous pop star, asking him to send her a quick message.

Friday, February 18th, Justin posted a message to Facebook, wishing Trinity happy birthday.  In the short clip, he's riding in the car with his family and Selena Gomez.

Trinity's family and friends say they are very thankful for the gesture.

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