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$23 cell phones built for kids and parents

4:19 AM, Mar 19, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- It used to be that the words "kid" and "cell phone" in the same sentence was enough to make any parent cringe. But I've heard from countless parents who want to arm children as young as 6 with cell phones in the event of emergencies. Not to text, or take photos or call whomever they want but for times when a parent needs to be reached right away.

For all of those parents, guardians and grandparents that have contacted us in search of answers, today I have another recommendation to pass along.

Firefly Wireless is built specifically for kids and their parents, who need mobile peace of mind.

For $23, plus the cost of a $10 SIM Card, I have a suggestion.

The Firefly Mobile Phone for Mobile Kids does not have a numeric key pad. That allows you to control who calls your kids and who they're able to contact. The phone comes armed with two buttons for each parent or if you're a single family household, you can program another guardian or relative. There's also an address book where parents can program an additional 20 numbers.

Pay as you go plans run about 5 or 10 dollars a month which is good for just over an hour of talk time. There's no activation fee and no contract required.

Another neat feature is the phone's built to be handled directly by a kid. It survived my drop tests and is almost half the size of an iPhone.

The parental control features come directly worked into the phone and while this is aimed at kids between the ages of 6 and 12, this is not a phone designed for heavy talk use, texting or any type of regular conversation. If you're looking purely to help teens or tweens connect, you're better off adding a family line through your current cell phone provider. Here's how to make today's deal work for you.


1. CLICK HERE and purchase the Firefly Cell Phone today for $22.77, down from $50. Use code OFFERSCOM at check-out for Free Shipping.

2. Visit Firefly by CLICKING HERE, and buy a $9.99 SIM Phone for your new phone which includes the cost of shipping.

3. When your phone and SIM Card arrive in about a week, CLICK HERE and activate your phone and plan. You can also call 1-800-347-3359 during regular business hours to set-up a plan.

As always, I'll be sending out more deals after our morning show. You're welcome to follow me via Twitter. CLICK HERE.

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