Investigator: Sex assault in school library

6:46 PM, Mar 19, 2012   |    comments
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NORTH RIDGEVILLE --  A mother of a teenage girl who says she was sexually assaulted in the high school library is accusing administrators of covering up similar allegations involving the boy.

The girl told the Investigator Tom Meyer that the sex assault happened on Feb. 24 at North Ridgeville High School as she was doing homework in the library during school hours.

She said the boy, whom she knew only slightly, asked that they sit together.

"I was just working and he started rubbing my thigh," said the girl. "I stood up to walk away and he grabbed my arm and pulled me back to the seat.... he stuck my hand under all his clothing and made me touch his private area. And (he) made me do inappropriate things."

The girl escaped and reported it to school administrators. They called the North Ridgeville Police, who began an investigation. Administrators also told the girl and her mother that the girl would be safe at school.

"We were both told his schedule was going to change so they weren't in the same classes anymore," the mother said.

But when the girl returned, the boy was still in class. And, the girl said, he was staring at her and sending her text messages.

"I'm sorry, okay" the boy wrote in one text message. "I didn't mean any harm to you."

In another text, the boy wrote: "I still love you kiddo. I know I'm getting into trouble, but it's whatever I guess."

North Ridgeville Superintendent Larry Brown said the school is investigating the incident.

"We're confident that we've investigated and will continue to investigate specific parts of the case to make sure the students' needs are met," said Brown. "We feel that the safety needs of the students are met."

The mother says a staff nurse told her the boy was well known for this type of thing.

"She had asked me who the boy was, and when I had told her she says 'Oh my gosh, I've been trying to report him for years,'" the mother said.

The girl says she also recorded the boy's sister during a hallway conversation, acknowledging that this is not the boy's first time.

"That's a good thing someone's finally stood up for themselves," the boy's sister said, according to a copy of the recording obtained by Channel 3 News.

"So you know, he's done this to other girls," the girl asked.

"Yeah, I know," the girl responded.

Brown refused to say whether the boy's been accused of similar allegations.  

"We're not going to disclose that information to the public or the media," Brown said. "I'm not going to comment on whether that's true or not true."

Channel 3 News reviewed the boy's juvenile record. The most serious case involved the boy pointing a BB gun at a neighbor's house. Charges were never filed.

But the city law director refuses to release records on a case from last year in which the boy wasn't charged.

"I don't feel like they're doing anything to protect her," the mother said. "I feel like they're protecting him."


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