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Akron: Cyclist attacks woman's service dog

4:43 PM, Mar 21, 2012   |    comments
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AKRON--  An Akron woman's companion animal is attacked by a cyclist

The dog suffered from serious injuries, but was untreated because the owner couldn't afford vet care.

Linda is unemployed and about to be evicted from her home. She has no money for vet bills and treatment for Sadie could cost up to one thousand dollars.

Sadie was injured at Firestone Park. It's a place where people, pets, bicycles, and strollers must coexist. Last Saturday was the exception.

A young cyclist collided with Sadie. The lead rider thought Sadie was to blame and hit the dog with his bike three times.

"In all these years, her faithful companionship, the love she shows to people. She means the world to me," Pepera said.

Pepera says the cyclist got back on his bike and rode away. She did contact police, but says they could not pursue an investigation without more information about the alleged attacker.

"I've been icing, massaging and wrapping the leg. I give her aspirin and am seeking help all over," Pepera said.

Sadie is not just a pet, but a service dog to Linda who is herself disabled. For once in the nine years together they need each other equally.

Now, thanks to Channel 3 viewers, there were enough donations, so the vet was able to fix Sadie's leg.  Linda tells us she is home sedated and resting.  She will be giving Sadie some tender, loving care the next 6 weeks.  Any of the extra money collected will be donated to local dog rescue groups.


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