Hot Topics: Pippa in trouble?

8:07 PM, Apr 16, 2012   |    comments
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We see what's trending in tonight's Hot Topics.

Today kicks off "Green is Universal" all this week on NBC as we highlight the preservation of our environment. One woman is trying to pass along her passion for recycling and wrote a children's book to teach them abut taking care of the world. The author of the book even implemented a curriculum for schools.

Is Pippa in trouble? The sister-in-law of Prince William was seen in the streets of Paris this past weekend. The 27- year-old  Brit was in the passenger seat of a convertible when the driver pulled out a gun, began waving it into the air and pointed it at a photographer. Middleton may face charges if Parisian authorities determine that she was a participant in the incident. No official word yet from the Middleton camp.  The was reportedly a fake.

This is one way to spend retirement, alone and in the buff. The 76-year-old Japanese man spent years working as a photographer and wanted to get away from it all. A little over 20 years later he still couldn't be happier living life solo. He knows his lifestyle isn't for everyone but he says it's a natural move for him. When he travels into the nearby settlement he put on clothes. In case you were wondering.


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