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Mother suspected of driving drunk faces several charges

9:54 AM, Sep 30, 2004   |    comments
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The car was parked outside St. Matthews Church in Brecksville in the evening. A custodian found 30-year-old Laura Roob and her 5-year-old son inside. He called police. They questioned the young mother. And it’s all caught on videotape. Police: I want you to be truthful with me. How much have you had to drink tonight? Roob: No, we came here to trade off the car. Police: Maam, Maam . . . How much have you had to drink tonight? Roob denies drinking any alcohol. Roob: I’ve had nothing. Then she changes her story. Police: You’ve had nothing to drink tonight? Roob: I’ve had a little bit Police believe Roob was drunk. The officer attempted to place her under arrest but she resisted. Police: Don’t make me fight you. Stop it. Stop resisting. Roob: I’m not resisting. Police: Yes you are. Stop it. Roob was taken to the Brecksville Police Department where police say she was combative and refused to answer questions. According to the police report, Roob refused a breathlylizer test. They say she urinated in the police cruiser, in the holding room chair and in a wastebasket. Police: Do you need to use the bathroom? Roob: I did. Roob is charged with driving under the influence, child endangerment and resisting arrest. Roob was scheduled to appear at Garfield Municipal Court but failed to show up. Police say that’s because she is now at a substance abuse treatment center.


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