Burglary Secrets quiz: What's your home break-in I.Q.?

6:49 PM, May 8, 2012   |    comments
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The more you know, the better your chance for keeping a burglar from targeting your home.

Using FBI crime statistics, we've put together this online quiz.

1) At what time of day do most burglaries occur?

    a) early evening

    b) early morning

    c) middle of the day

    d) late night

2) What time of year sees the greatest numbers of break-ins?

    a) spring

    b) summer

    c) winter

    d) fall

3) What's the number one way burglars get into your home?

    a) break a window

    b) go through garage

    c) through the front door

    d) through a sliding glass door

4) How often does a burglary occur in the United States

    a) about every 2 minutes

    b) about every 14 seconds

    c) about every 90 minutes

    d) about every 3 hours

5) A burglary is defined as:

    a) unlawful taking or attempted taking of property that is the immediate possession of another, by force or threat of force.

    b) unlawful taking or attempted taking of property from the possession of another, by stealth, without force and without deceit, with intent to permanently deprive the owner of the property.

   c) unlawful entry of any fixed structure, vehicle or vessel used for regular residence, industry or business, with our without force, with the intent to remove property from the premises.

6) The average loss in a home burglary is:

    a) $500

    b) $1,600

    c) $5,000

    d) $7,800

7),An increasing number of burglars are entering homes through unlocked doors. This is of great concern because:

     a) Burglars can work faster

     b) Burglars are getting smarter

     c) Burglars can claim they were invited in

     d)  Most burglars try to avoid people. Unlocked doors are often an indication that people are at home, but these bold thieves are willing to confront family members.

8) What percent of property stolen in burglaries is recovered?

   a) 15%

   b) 3%

   c) 67%

   d) 30%

9) It usually takes only a minute for a burglar to break into your home, but first they will often look for a hidden key in what location?

   a) under the flower pot

   b) under a medium-sized landscaping rock

   c) on top of the door/window ledge near the entry

   d) all of the above

10) Once inside, which room will burglars most likely hit first?

   a) TV/family room because it contains electronics and is closest to their entry/exit

  b) office because money is usually stashed here.

  c) bedroom because that's where most jewelry/guns are kept

  d) dining room because they want silver heirlooms that are easy to carry and can easily be fenced.

ANSWERS:  1: C - Middle of the day  2: B - Summer  3: C - Front Door 4: B - Every 14 seconds  5: C  6: B  7: D 8: A 15% 9: D  10: C Bedroom


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