Cleveland: Deli near Sowell's old house robbed

10:08 PM, Apr 30, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- This time it's the Imperial Deli and Beverage around the corner from his now leveled home making news.

Monday night two African-American males walked into the Imperial Deli and Beverage and robbed the store, and pistol whipped the owner.  The owner was still on scene holding a bloody ice pack to his mouth where he was hit when Channel 3 arrived on scene.

There were two workers in the store when two robbers came in, took an unknown amount of cash and "a lot" of cigarettes. 

The two robbers then fled the store on foot.  One of the employees of the store ran from the store when police arrived and was later arrested for a warrant. 

Both suspects are still on the loose, and the store remains open for business. 


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