Between the Lines: Bridge plot, rainy day money, Forbes

10:35 AM, May 6, 2012   |    comments
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What's the political fallout from the alleged plot by former Occupy Cleveland supporters to blow up a bridge in Brecksville?

Some Republicans and websites seeking a link to Sen. Sherrod Brown for his supportive comments of Occupy goals.

Was Mayor Frank Jackson correct to pull the permit to keep an Occupy Cleveland tent on Public Square?

Will Ohio lawmakers cut a deal to repeal a controversial law full of election changes? Republicans argued it protects election integrity. Democrats claimed it was a plan to discourage Democratic voters.

Republicans now want to kill their own law to kill a November referendum that might mean more votes for President Obama.

Secretary of State Jon Husted argues the law and referendum should both be cancelled.

Cleveland teachers want to use money from the state's rainy day fund to help the schools financial crunch and reduce layoffs.

What are the pros and cons of that idea?

Mayor Frank Jackson went to Columbus to make his case for a school transformation plan to lawmakers. What's the outlook for passage?

And always-controversial George Forbes stirs up more media attention as he steps down as head man of the local NAACP?

What does his resignation mean for the group's future?

Tom Beres discusses these topics with Conservative Plain Dealer Columnist and Editorial Writer Kevin O'Brien and Cuyahoga County Democratic Party Vice-Chairman Blaine Griffin on this edition of Between the Lines.


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