Cleveland Horseshoe Casino: Design leaves little to chance

1:28 PM, May 7, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND --  We've only had a few sneak peeks inside the Horseshoe Casino so it's hard to say exactly what it will look like. But like all casinos one thing is a sure bet-- it will be a feast for the senses.

From the sights to the sounds the casino is built to help customers relax, have fun, and feel like they are a part of a great party.

"Our brains are geared to seek out happiness, to seek out comfort," Dr. Christine Alexander from MetroHealth Medical Center explains.

That is one reason why you won't find any florescent lights, Domenic Bellone of American Interiors said.

"In an environment where the architecture might create grand appearances, certain things like lighting or chandeliers help bring the ceiling down," Bellone said.

That's what you will find inside the Horseshoe. I-5 Design and Manufacture is a casino development company not affiliated with Horseshoe. Joe Jordan with the group explained, over the phone, the open area is made cozier by darker colors on the ceilings so there is more focus on the floor.

Jordan says that lighting is often focused on areas to where casinos wish to draw clients.

Another aspect of the floors is the intricate design on the carpeting. The designs provide a distraction, even a maze of sorts, that keeps people intrigued. The same is true with the designs on the backs of the playing cards.

"It really captures our mind and it gets our attention; it holds our attention and sometimes to the point it's distracting," Dr. Alexander said. Jordan adds, it helps guide people around the casino floor.

Casino designers want to increase your stay at the facility, and your play time, by making you feel right at home.

Jordan said what most people notice: there are no windows at casinos. Horseshoe might be the exception. In an effort to maintain the integrity of the Higbee Building there are windows on the playing floors. Developers at Horseshoe think it's the only casino in the country where that is the case.

The Higbee Building presents unique design challenges and opportunities to developers. The columns that are a part of the historical building's structure now have a dark wooden accent on the bottom.

In most casinos you will find rich, warm colors. "When you are thinking of color you want warm colors, inviting even bright colors that can be found in nature can create an interesting pop," Bellone said.

"Materials are important as well. You want materials that are natural, woods, bamboos, and metals can have sort of a warm appeal to them if they are matched with a textured fabric, or a warm color, or a warm tone."

Jordan says the sounds you hear help add to the overall excitement.

"Who doesn't love to win something? That is just part of our nature," Alexander said, "(when people hear the winning noises) they think 'oh,' that could happen to me."

"It really puts you into this world that is very different, that is very separate from what we operate in on a daily basis," she explained.
"There is the thrill of the ride and there is the thrill of the prize and different people are engaged by different pieces of that."


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