Cleveland: Downtown security increases for casino opening

9:01 AM, May 11, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- The Horseshoe Casino is estimated to bring in 5 million visitors a year.

That's thousands of extra people downtown, with money in hand.

Expanded Horseshoe Cleveland Casino coverage 

To keep people safe, the Cleveland Police, city leaders and the casino owners have come up with a security plan.

In time for the grand opening on May 14, the Downtown Service Unit of CPD will be adding several officers, including mounted patrol, bicycle patrol and squad cars.

A patrol officer will be on Public Square 24/7. 

Police will also be watching from above as virtually all of Public Square is under video surveillance, monitored from a central location.

The City of Cleveland is trying to discourage loitering. 

Last week, the Occupy Cleveland protesters were told to pack up and move, and Downtown Ambassadors will be clearing panhandlers from the entrances to the casino.

While police are protecting visitor safety, they also have to respect the rights of those who use Public Square.

Downtown Ambassadors have a team of security escorts to walk people to their car or building, for those who don't want to travel alone.

The number to call for an ambassador escort is (216) 621-6000. 


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