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Cleveland: Casino control boss expects 'cheaters'

5:50 PM, May 14, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- It's a new casino with mostly new workers with state agents who are also casino workers.

The Executive Director of Ohio's Casino Control Commission expects some cheaters will be here in the early weeks, seeing if there is an angle they can play.

"Every time you open a new casino, they are going to be targets for individuals who want to test the waters," said Matthew Schuler.

Thirteen Casino Control agents are assigned to the Horseshoe Cleveland Casino.

They will be in plainclothes and mingle with the crowds.

Their job is to protect both the public and casino to make sure all operations have integrity and run fairly for everyone.

Schuler admits there may be a learning curve for his agents. They were selected from top agents at the Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

They got crash courses in gambling, Schuler believes they will be able to transfer their law enforcement skills to a gambling environment.

The basic principal of casino security is to have everyone and everything under surveillance.

The casino has its own security operations and each employee is overseen by another level of supervision.

The state will have auditors in-house and performing random spotchecks to keep the "house" honest.


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