Customers: Casino experience gets high and low marks

5:41 PM, May 15, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND  -- Horseshoe Cleveland has been experiencing long lines wrapped around the casino most of Tuesday.

The crowd inside has to meet fire code so they're letting people in at the rate that others are leaving.

Guests say they are averaging about an hour wait and most of them expect that because it's a new casino.

On the inside, though, you hear some real conflicting reports.

One day after the gala Horseshoe opening and we hear a tale of two casinos.

"They make a good Bloody Mary and cutie guys are there too," gamer Dolores Malbasa said.

One Horseshooe visitor, who wanted to be known only as Sheila, had a much different experience.

"When you take into consideration how long this town had to wait for a casino, you'd think it would at least be comfortable," Sheila said.

Both players are experienced casino visitors.

"I went to Windsor, Canada, Las Vegas, and Wheeling Downs," Malbasa said.

Both expected to wait in a long line but, once inside, the service sounds like night and day.

"I pushed the button several times but no one came. I just wanted a cup of coffee and, after 20 minutes, I gave up." Sheila said.

"You didn't even have to ring and someone was always there. It was unbelievable service," Malbasa said.

Horseshoe top brass promised good service and a unique casino experience early on.

They did, however, ask visitors for patience.

If you're waiting in line you'll need it.


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