Ways 2 Save: Cheap vacation rentals, today's deal

8:20 AM, May 16, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Today the Ways 2 Save road trip continues. Yesterday I showcased Tingo as my favorite to lock in the lowest hotel rates. Today, a perfect alternative to hotels.

Vacation rentals are jam-packed with savings and often carry rates as much as 50% less per night than a hotel would. Vacation rentals and vacation homes can land you and your family in the same location as a top hotel, but you often have more space, beautiful kitchens to cook your own meals and options to pay by the week for greater savings.

Vacation rentals aren't for everyone, but if you can part with a concierge and room service, they're a great way to go, particularly for larger families.

Instead of booking two hotel rooms or a high suite rate for a family of 6, there are great vacation properties where you can easily accommodate at least that amount of people for under $300 per night.

I've sampled and tested many websites out there for vacation rentals but one of my favorites is HomeAway. If you are searching for a vacation rental, before you use this website or any website I recommend the following: 

1) NEVER sign a contract with a vacation rental owner without first calling them and making sure the phone number is active.

2) NEVER stay at a property that hasn't been reviewed.

3) Purchase insurance in the event something falls through. Insurance plans to protect your vacation rental agreement are not expensive, costing around $39 to protect a $1,500 trip.

4) NEVER respond to a request for a wire transfer. Use PayPal or the secure reservation manager on today's website.


Pick your destination.

Choose a home that fits your lifestyle

Read reviews

Contact the owner for availability and questions

Sign contract and enjoy your vacation!

Today's Deal...

I've heard from a lot of people that need a new pair of glasses for travel, prescription sunglasses for the beach or a replacement. Here's the big deal I hunted down overnight:

70% off eyeglasses and sunglasses + free shipping 

Coupon code: CLEANSPRING

We receive absolutely no financial compensation for mentioning any company, product, or deal. The purpose of this segment is to find great deals -- that's it.


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