Exclusive: Doctor resigns from AGMC following sex scandal

7:58 PM, May 17, 2012   |    comments
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AKRON -- An Akron-area doctor resigned from Akron General Medical Center following allegations of sex scandal that has now cost her an indefinite suspension of her medical license

Dr. Amy Weidman claimed that the sexual contact she was having with a uninsured male patient whom she gave free medical care was simply an extra-marital affair, but state investigators found that it warranted an indefinite suspension of her medical license.

Weidman, 51, resigned from Akron General Medical Center, where she was listed as "teaching faculty" after the hospital learned of the investigation.

According to the state's investigation, Weidman and the patient -- a 48-year-old college graduate currently employed as a farm manager -- were in an off-an-on relationship beginning in 2009.

During that time,  the two had sexual contact while Weidman was treating the man for asthma and insomnia but not charging him for the service since he didn't have insurance.

The patient claims the two had sexual intercourse in Weidman's Fairlawn office.

The investigation claims Weidman bought the man gifts and even took him on doctor's rounds at Akron General.

Both admit that Weidman's office manager took a nude photo of Weidman and emailed it to the patient. He called it "cute" while Weidman called it "a prank."

In its discipline, the state found that Weidman's admission of having a staff member take nude photos and email them to patients shows that she does not understand "professional boundaries."

The investigation shows that the relationship eventually ended after Weidman's husband learned of the affair.

Weidman's medical license is suspended for a minimum of 180 days at which time she can apply for reinstatement.

Phone calls to Weidman's attorney were not immediately returned.


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