Where are the Tribe fans?

9:20 PM, May 21, 2012   |    comments
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Getty Images: Matt Sullivan

CLEVELAND -- Cleveland is always begging for a number one team. Well, now we have one, so where are the fans?

The Cleveland Indians are last in Major League Baseball attendance.  

So far this year, the average attendance is 15,872, meaning fans fill up only 47 percent of the ballpark.

Last year, when the Tribe was in third place, they had an average of 22,726 fans, filling the ball park 62 percent.

Over the weekend, attendance was just under 30,000 for all three games.

We asked the question on Facebook and the answers are clear.  Many fans think the ball park is too expensive.

A spokesperson for the Tribe says they always look at fan feedback and adjust prices when they can.


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