Exclusive: 'Amber Alert' father speaks to WKYC

8:27 PM, May 29, 2012   |    comments
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CHAGRIN FALLS -- Charles "Trey" Cassell III is home with his daughters and happy about the way Monday's Amber Alert turned out.

"I don't like the situation. Wish there was another way of handling. Only way we could have done it," Trey said.

He's at home with his two daughters and happy with the outcome of the Amber Alert.

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Trey is disappointed the situation with his estranged wife deteriorated to where police were brought in.

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On Monday, his estranged wife Tatyana Edwards, 33, took 2-year-old Alicia, 4-year-old Olivia and 10-year-old Evana Edwards from Trey's rental home on East Washington Street.

She headed for her parents' house in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Cassell called Chagrin Falls police, who issued an Amber Alert.

"You have to let proper authorities handle things," he added.

According to paperwork, Cassell told police his estranged wife may have a gun and that there were child abuse charges pending.

After hearing about the alert, Edwards turned herself in to Pennsylvania state police. She'll face misdemeanor assault charges in Bedford Municipal Court once she returns to our area.

Cassell didn't want to discuss specifics with Channel 3, saying it could hurt the case but believes police took the correct course of action issuing an Amber Alert.

"I was impressed with everything they did, how they handled everything," Cassell said.


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