Leaked plans hint at new Cedar Point coaster

7:55 PM, May 31, 2012   |    comments
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SANDUSKY -- Cedar Point seems to have a new wing-style roller coaster in the works that will change the way the park looks next year.

A memo that leaked from the desk of Cedar Fair's CEO, indicates a new roller coaster will be built and open by the 2013 season. It's also said this new $25 million attraction will have the biggest drop, fastest speed and longest run of any similar ride.

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If the memo plans are true, the new wing coaster will be situated in the front of the park.

It would also be the first roller coaster added to Cedar Point since 2007 when the park unleashed Maverick.

Park spokesperson Annie Zelm won't confirm the information in the memo, but says a new attraction will be announced by summer's end.

"We have big plans," Zelm said. "That's no secret that we have big plans, but unfortunately can't talk about what those plans are."

The memo reportedly references the new attraction by code name: CP Alt. Winged.

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Six Flags Great America in Chicago has a version of a wing coaster called X-Flight, which opened this year (video at bottom of story). It's designed by Bolliger & Mabillard, the same engineering firm apparently hired to build Cedar Point's new project.

A wing coaster takes riders on a journey without a visible track above or beneath them. That sensation is created since riders are seated on each side of the track with their feet dangling in the air.

It's a similar sensation to the Cedar Point's Raptor coaster -- but without the track being visible above.

Dollywood in Tennessee also debuted a wing coaster for the 2012 season known as Wild Eagle.

With these apparent plans, the new coaster will take over space already occupied by the Disaster Transport indoor bobsled roller coaster and the Space Spiral observation needle. Both could be removed to make room for the new attraction.

Some visitors we talked to said they liked the idea of a new ride. But others questioned why the park would remove two family friendly rides to replace them with another thrill ride.

"We're still very committed to keeping this a family park and having a variety of attractions for everybody,'' Zelm said.

If Disaster Transport is entirely removed, the Sandusky scream park will hold steady with 16 total roller coasters.

Cedar Point once held the record for having the most roller coasters at one amusement park with 17. The park now trails the current record-holder -- Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California -- by one after removing the WildCat coaster prior to this season's opening day to make room for the new Luminosity night-time show.

The WildCat, which was located directly across from the Iron Dragon roller coaster, first opened at Cedar Point in 1970. The 85-second ride featured four-passenger "cars" that raced along its purple and yellow-green structure at speeds up to 40 mph. Throughout its time at the park, WildCat roared with nearly 27 million rides.

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New this year at Cedar Point is Dinosaurs Alive, a $5 upcharge attraction near Millennium Force, which features 50 animatronic dinosaurs. Speaking of Millennium Force, the popular blue behemoth has a new LED lighting package along with Power Tower and the Giant Wheel.

Also making its debut for the 2012 season is a new mat racing water slide at Soak City, Dragster H2O.

Cedar Point opened for the 2012 season on Saturday, May 12. It is now open daily through Sunday, Oct. 28.

Video of Six Flags' wing coaster X-Flight in action:  


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