Lorain: Court frees "saggy pants" prisoner early

4:42 PM, Jun 15, 2012   |    comments
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LORAIN -- The only briefs Lorain Municipal Court Judge Mark Mihok wants to see in his court are legal paperwork, not underwear.

On Thursday, Mihok sentenced a young Lorain man to three days in lock-up for wearing low-riding pants that showed off his underwear in court.

The judge charged Durrell Brooks with contempt.

Mihok said his in-court dress code is not that strict. But droopy pants that expose skin and underwear are not allowed.

On Friday, the judge freed Brooks after the defendant's mother came in and said her son was well-behaved and did not mean any disrespect with his low-riding pants.

He served just one day of his sentence.

"We have children and old people in court. They can't be afraid or intimidated...I don't think I set the bar too high," Judge Mihok said.

Mihok said Brooks is the third person he's sentenced to jail for contempt because of sagging pants.

The other two had been warned by security officers to hike their pants or else.

Brooks was at a hearing with his girlfriend who was facing a traffic charge and Brooks paid for the insurance for the vehicle.


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