Hot Seat: Ohio House Speaker Bill Batchelder

7:54 PM, Jun 21, 2012   |    comments
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William Batchelder is one of the most powerful figure in Columbus.

As House Speaker, he is in a leadership role on important decisions affecting taxes, jobs and education.

On Thursday, in a rare television appearance, he and Senior Political Correspondent Tom Beres sat down to talk about important questions.

Do schools and cities struggling with state funding cuts have any chance of getting some money reinstated now that the economy is picking up, tax revenue is up and there is a quarter billion dollars in the Rainy Day Fund?

The simple answer? No.

Will there be a state income tax reduction funded by a higher tax and natural gas and oiler drillers?

Batchelder predicts there will be.

Could lawmakers revisit a controversial bill establishing Lake Erie water usage limits be revisited? Will any provisions of defeated Issue 2/Senate Bill 5 resurface now that schools and cities need financial relief?

Batchelder answers these and other questions in this interview and will be the guest discussing these issues with Tom , Channel 3 Political Analyst Mary Anne Sharkey and Plain Dealer columnist Mark Naymik on Sunday's edition of Between the Lines.


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